KP24 has a range of products to help you get rid of head lice for good!

KP24 Metal Lice Comb

KP24 Metal Lice comb is a strong fine-tooth metal comb used to remove head lice and their eggs from hair. It is a durable stainless steel comb that can be repeatedly sterilised and will not bend or erode. It comes with a bonus magnifier to help detect lice. Use with KP24 Lice Egg Remover or KP24 Combing Solution for best results.

KP24 Lice Egg Remover

KP24 Egg Remover  active ingredient Lactic Acid in a convenient shampoo base.  KP24 Egg Remover loosens the bond between nits (eggs) and the hair. KP24 Metal Lice comb is effective due to its spacing, there is no way for nits to pass through.

Shake KP24 Egg Lice Remover before use. Rinse the hair and apply KP24 Lice Egg Remover, massage thoroughly and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse and comb through the hair thoroughly using the KP24 Metal Lice comb. This will help to remove the eggs.

KP24 Natural Combing Solution

By removing adult lice and their eggs on a regular basis, effectively you will break the head lice cycle. In between treatments use KP24 Combing Solution regularly with the KP24 lice comb, and this will aid against reinfestation and can help you keep lice free. Apply KP24 Combing Solution generously to damp, tangle-free hair. Divide hair into segments and comb close to the scalp to remove adult lice and their eggs. Repeat 3 or 4 times or until lice free.

KP24 Soaking Solution

All personal articles that have been in contact with the patients head need to be deloused.
Soak all bed linen, towels, hats, clothes, brushes etc. in very hot water using KP24 Soaking Solution for 30 minutes prior to normal washing.

Note: Not to be used during pregnancy and on babies less than 6 months unless advised by doctor.

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