Natural Treatment

For a natural alternative, use KP24 Naturals range. KP24 Advanced Natural Lotion Kit is a clinically proven formula and is effective on both the head lice and their eggs. KP24 Natural Mousse has a combination of 6 active ingredients which provides a powerful treatment to treat both head lice and their eggs.

KP24 Natural Mousse

KP24 Natural Mousse has been formulated with 6 natural active ingredients (i.e. 2 herbs and 4 essential oils). It is fast and easy to use and foams up instantly for a mess free application.

Use on dry hair, massage well into scalp for full 5 minutes and leave on hair between 10-30 minutes. Remove all the eggs after treatment with KP24 metal lice comb. Repeat treatment after 7 days to kill lice which have hatched since.

Note: Not to be used during pregnancy and on babies less than 6 months unless advised by doctor.

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